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Disney on a Budget

Going to Disney was a dream for this family of 7. It felt like something unattainable financially. We live on one income and because of that I have become great at pinching pennies.

  1. You can pay for a Disney trip via Lay-a-way!

We found a great Disney travel agent via Smart Moms Plan Disney Disney travel agents are free to you and only get paid after you travel, so that is all factored in to your vacation. Why not use an expert to help you? We did. She was able to book all our dining and truly help answer my million questions as a first timer. We had to put a $200 deposit and we had 2 years to pay for our trip. Everything is due 30 days prior to your departure date.


You can use Disney gift cards to both pay for your trip or pay for anything while on your trip. I mean anything from quick service dining, to a character meal or those much beloved souvenirs. We also paid for our actual trip in part with gift cards.

If you have a Target Red Card (doesn't have to be the credit card) you get 5% off all your purchases. With a Disney trip that adds up quickly. Another amazing gift card secret is Gift card deals which is a website where you can buy gift cards at discounted prices. I have purchased a $2,000 for $1,680 and that is a nice chunk of savings for me. They do work but you need to allow yourself enough time to receive them. Traditionally the turn around time I have experienced is 4 to 6 weeks. If you get worried you can always chat with them and they send it right away. If you need to make a purchase and they only allow one gift card then you can combine your cards here.

3. Buy groceries and get them delivered to your hotel

I cant say this enough! We order groceries from Amazon or Target and get them delivered right to our hotel on Disney property. I set up my grocery list and once we land I hit that purchase button. If for any reason you are there when it gets delivered you can pick it up at Bell Hop Services. This is a huge money saver for my family. We do breakfast in our room with a combination of yogurts and fruits and order a ton of snacks that we bring into the park. You are allowed to bring a cooler into Disney as long as you don't pack lose ice cubes. So we pack a ton of snacks to get us through our park days.

4. Go off season if you can

I know missing school is a hard decision but if you can, go off season. This way you will not only get lower crowds (It's will never be empty) but the pricing varies as well. This will help with those airline tickets if you need them. Travel mid week to mid week. Book your tickets ahead of time. We were able to score travel for my entire family of 7 for $900 on Jetblue. These memories are so worth it. I cant say that enough...take the tim

e off and just go, you wont regret it. Our children are ours for a blink of an eye and then they are all grown up.

5. Order delivery for dinner

If you are not doing a dining plan try ordering delivery for dinner. If you don't know where from you can use apps such as grubhub or UberEats. I also just like looking up places on those apps and then calling my order in so the local shops don't have to pay any extra fees. My family enjoyed ordering pizza and sushi some nights and enjoyed it by the pool in our resort while the girls swam the night away. It's Disney...Bedtime can wait a week.

These are a few of my money saving tips for planning your next trip to Disney. I hope they help your family feel confident when booking this magical vacation. We already have our next one planned, so we might just see you there.

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